• Randy Gill
2 episodes
In Opportunity Talks, with Randy Gill, we help purpose-driven people and businesses consider the impact of giving kids access to sport and active living. In this podcast, we discuss ideas to help eliminate the financial and mental barriers that keep under-serviced kids from developing essential life skills that promote confidence and an active lifestyle. In each episode, we interview sports and lifestyle ambassadors who are making a difference for kids and communities across North America.


Episode 2 – Sherman Hamilton
2020 Aug 0535m 2s
In this episode of Opportunity Talks, Randy speaks with former Olympian and current Sportsnet analyst Sherman Hamilton about the opportunities he was given in life to succeed through sports.  In this episode, you will learn: The importance of sports and opportunity to Sherman as a kid Sherman’s journey through sports leading up to March Madness … Continue reading Episode 2 – Sherman Hamilton →
Episode 1 – Odyssey for Opportunity
2020 Jul 017m 17s
Introducing Opportunity Talks with Randy Gill! In this podcast, Randy discusses the importance of giving the opportunity of sport to underserviced kids. In this episode, Randy, speaks with the ‘Odyssey Girls’ Geneva Winterink and Jill Brennan about the “Odyssey For Opportunity” event, a virtual ride across Canada to raise money for Their Opportunity.  In this … Continue reading Episode 1 – Odyssey for Opportunity →