Marriage and Money
  • David & Heather Proehl
8 episodes
Once upon a time a spender and a saver got married, but in order to have their happily ever after they needed to get on the same page about money. Join us as we discuss our current journey through marriage and money!


#8 - A Penny Saved
2020 Oct 2628m 53s
Saving is hard work.  We all know it is important, but it is easier said than done.  Maybe finances are already tight, maybe the future seems a long way away, or maybe we just don't know how to get started.  Today we discuss David's favorite topic and why it is so critical to your financial success as a couple.
#7 - 'Till Debt Do Us Part
2020 Oct 1930m 48s
Everyone has debt right?  So what's the big deal?  While we may not always realize it, debt limits our options and keeps us from realizing our dreams and goals.  Let's talk about what the impact of debt is on marriage, what options being debt free can open up, and how Heather is holding up while in quarantine.
#6 - Setting Financial Goals As A Couple
2020 Oct 1233m 6s
No one makes progress financially by accident, and it is even harder if couples have competing goals between them. So how can you dream big as a couple and start building a plan to make your dreams a reality?  Let's talk through it and find out!
#5 - To Combine, or Not to Combine, that is the Question!
2020 Oct 0533m 6s
There are several different approaches to organizing finances in a marriage.  We discuss the 3 most common approaches as well as a few pros and cons of each.
#4 - Simple Rules for Personal Finance
2020 Sep 2832m 16s
Are there a few simple rules you can follow to have success in your personal finances?  How about 60 simple rules?  This week we discuss going to the movies, our weekend, and some initial thoughts on guideposts to financial success.
#3 - Gift Giving & Buying
2020 Sep 2132m 2s
Gift giving is a major portion of most people's budgets.  Americans spend about $1,000 per person buying others gifts for Christmas alone. So how should couples handle gift giving? Today we dive into how to make these decisions as a couple.
#2 - Introductions and Top Financial Searches By State
2020 Sep 1437m 38s
This week we try to give a little better perspective on where we come from from a financial history standpoint and our journey with money discussions as a couple.  We also discuss an article highlighting the top financial searches by state and what that might say about America.
#1 - Vacations in the Era of COVID-19
2020 Sep 1024m 50s
David and Heather discuss how COVID has impacted vacations in the US and how we approach vacation budgeting overall.