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Host Bonnie Albers and her guests Renowned Psychics, Mediums , Astrologists , Authors , specializing in metaphysical subjects & Spiritual Development Of all kinds .


Bonnie Albers On Air ..Susan Z is in the House ⭐️
2020 Oct 161h 55m
Susan Z Psychic Medium Author of the sensational best seller Soul Windows Secrets From The Devine , Past Lives Specialist is back in the House today . Join us
Bonnie Albers On Air ..With guests Jerry Humphreys and Grant Colyer
2020 Oct 141h 3m
Please Join Psychic Medium's , TV personalities , Master Meta Teachers , Past Lives experts, Tarot and Numerology, Animal Psychics , And SO much much more . The power in these Psycics will raise the bar in any House of Metaphysics. Please check out their websites and Social media Pages for more info for private Readings and sessions
Bonnie Albers On Air .. with Guest Bryn Durham
2020 Oct 131h 28m
Please Join my special guest Bryn Durham, reflexologist, Psychic , guest Lecturer and Speaker as he teaches us about hoe the body and mind work through Healing and the Special Art of Reflexology. Come one ..come ALL .. ⭐️
Bonnie Albers On Air ...
2020 Sep 301h 38m
Jerry Humphreys and Grant Colyer Rock the House today. Please visit senseofknowing.co.uk and Grant Colyer Medium .co.uk to see and read about Jerry's AWESOME metaphysical gifts he will be bringing your way . ⭐️⭐️
Bonnie Albers On Air ..
2020 Sep 281h 1m
Annabelle Miller and Brenda Brand join me today . Both Mother and Daughter Duo ROCK the House with all things Metaphysical.⭐️⭐️Come join us 🌺
Bonnie Albers On Air ....
2020 Sep 091h
Jerry Humphreys and Grant Colyer Are in the House today . Award winning  , Mediums and  Psychics  , Nationally and World Renowned Guests , Radio and Television Sensation , They will astound you with their Talents , Knowledge and Gifts this lifetime , Answering many issues and questions about Life ..and Afterlife you will be holding on to your emotions and Seat as you listen and interact with them  .. COME and Enjoy and become ..ENLIGHTENED ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bonnie Albers On Air ...
2020 Sep 071h 2m
Annabelle Miller and Daughter Brenda Brand Mother and daughter Psychic Dou are in the House today
Bonnie Albers On Air ....
2020 Sep 021h 30m
Jerry Humphreys and Grant Colyer Are In The House Today .Please Visit his website
Bonnie Albers On Air ..
2020 Aug 191h 1m
YAY ⭐️⭐️Jerry Humphreys UK Medium Psychic , Animal Communicator, Animal Psychic, CEO of the Magazine Psychic Insight Magazine..ROCKS the House Today .. Please visit his website to see and read about  all his AMAZING Gifts he brings to All .. wwwsenseofknowing.co.uk You can also find Jerry on all social media sites
Bonnie Albers On Air ..
2020 Aug 131h 32m
Jery Humphreys.. www.senseofknowing.com is in the House Today ⭐️ Lots of Universal Energy will flow from us to YOU .. Jerry is a famous UK Psychic Medium and Pet Psychic, communicator .. Bring us into your Listening experience 🌸🌺🌸🌺⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️