Kingdom Kings
  • Troy Brewer and Eli Nagel
5 episodes
On "Kingdom Kings", join us as we dive into all things Disney! We will talk about our favorite rides, foods, movies and even our biggest Disney disasters! While also taking questions and sharing stories from our community via our socials. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Kingdom!


Episode #5: Disney Trivia!
2020 Oct 2653m 12s
In this episode we start with Disney news, then we do a new segment where we do some Disney trivia! After that we do our final Disney haunted rides and then our last dark Disney segment of October! Lastly, we end the episode with our question of the...
Episode #4: Mount Rushmore of Ride at Magic Kingdom
2020 Oct 1954m 13s
On todays episode we talk about the news (00:41-11:35), then go into our Mount Rushmore for the week (11:35-23:40), then we talk about some more Disney Ghost stories (23:40-32:15), and then have our first Disney movie minute (32:15-49:00), and we end...
Episode #3: Would you rather?
2020 Oct 1247m 48s
In this episode of the podcast we do a would you rather segment of the podcast Inspired by Unlocking the Magic podcast, you should check them out!Also check out Alexis Chavana @exgothmilitarymom on Instagram. She made our channel art and she Is...
Episode #2: Mount Rushmore of Disney Villains
2020 Oct 0544m 48s
On today's podcast Troy and Eli discuss their Mount Rushmore of Disney villains first, then Eli shares a Disney disaster he went through with his family and Troy shares some stories about haunted Disney rides that you may have not heard before! Let us...
Episode #1: Welcome to the Podcast!
2020 Sep 2844m 3s
In this episode we talk about some Disney news while also giving an introduction to the podcast and why each of us wanted to make a podcast centered around Disney. We want to build a community where we can all share our common love for Disney as well as...