The Midnight Odyssey
  • The Midnight Odyssey
4 episodes
Where the blind lead the blind on fantastic journeys into the mysterious world we live in. UFOs, Bigfoot, True-Crime and many more deep dives into the unknown on: The Midnight Odyssey. So sit back and relax or put that seat buckle on tight because this is going to be a wild ride.


"In Search of Bigfoot, with Leonard Nimoy" Watch Party and Review! || The Midnight Odyssey Watch Party #1
2020 Sep 0927m 5s
Owen and Isaac sit down and get a first time viewing of "In Search of Bigfoot, with Leonard Nimoy".
"Hey Dogman, Nice Shot" || The Midnight Odyssey #3
2020 Sep 021h 4m 5s
This week Owen and Isaac bring you "The Michigan Dogman" and a true crime take on the mysterious events surrounding the death of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.
A Missing Person and a Cold Case || The Midnight Odyssey #2
2020 Aug 0340m 52s
In this episode Owen and Isaac discus two cold cases involving missing person Haruchika Miyagi, and the tragic tale of the lost hikers of Panama. Video Format: provided by:@Cliffdiver on Bandcamp
Swamp Gas and Flying Discs! || The Midnight Odyssey #1
2020 Jul 271h 34m 41s
In this episode, Isaac and Owen sit down and take a deep dive into two separate and classic UFO encounters: The Swamp Gas Phenomena of 1966 and The Maury Island Incident of '47.   Video Format: FBI report on Maury Island (copy for public use provided from theblackvault): provided by:@Cliffdiver@saw_piano