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The 80/20 Show tells the stories of professionals in the music industry. Developed by 80/20 Records, an independent record label. The host, Mike Zimmerlich, is the co-founder of 80/20 Records with over 15 years of experience in the music business. In this show, he interviews professionals in various roles (Artist Relations, Tour Managers, Radio Hosts, Music Journalists, Musicians, etc.).


Emily and John (Turn Zero)
2020 Oct 2258m 11s
Emily Grieve is the lead singer and John Curtis-Sanchez is the lead guitarist for the Alt-Rock band Turn Zero, a member of the 80/20 Records family.
Kat Cody (KL Group / VEEPS)
2020 Oct 151h 16m 12s
Kat Cody is the project and event manager for the Kevin Lyman Group (KL Group) and has worked on events such as Vans Warped Tour and WLS’s Championship Tour as well as helmed the 320 Festival, Player Omega, ADAPT Conference, and more. Kat also is a consultant for the live-streaming service VEEPS and other clients.
Elena and Stormy (I'm Not Okay - I Podcast)
2020 Oct 081h 4m 45s
Elena and Stormy are the co-hosts of the modern alternative music show I'm Not Okay (I Podcast).
Frank Magarelli (KWSS 93.9 FM)
2020 Oct 0141m 52s
Frank Magarelli is the owner and founder of KWSS 93.9FM, one of the leading independent FM radio stations in Arizona.
Sam Means (The Format / Hello Merch)
2020 Sep 2439m
In addition to his solo works, Sam Means co-founded the indie pop band The Format with Nate Ruess.  He is also the founder of the merchandise company Hello Merch.
Nick Barker (Love Like Fiction)
2020 Sep 1734m 20s
Nick Barker is the lead singer of Alt Pop Punk band Love Like Fiction, a member of the 80/20 Records family.
Matty Steinkamp (Mango Skies)
2020 Sep 1051m 18s
Matty Steinkamp is an award-winning filmmaker from Phoenix, Arizona. Matty and Pita Juarez created Mango Skies Productions in 2016. Together they produced and directed You Racist, Sexist Bigot, a feature-length documentary that has received several awards from the film festival circuit including “Best Documentary Feature”, “Best Picture” and Best Director.” From 2005 to the end of 2015, Matty built his portfolio with projects that humanized and chronicled how people interact with massive entertainment industries like the NFL and the X-Games. His passion for music drove him to produce and direct a feature length film on how access to music education in public schools creates receptive and collaborative global citizens. With the founding of Mango Skies, Matty is continuing his work of capturing how the individual struggles to be part of something bigger than themselves. Matty works to be recognized as an ally in the fight against structures of society — like racism, sexism, and white supremacy — that oppress individuals. Mango Skies is a societally conscious film and television production agency that seeks to leverage the film industry's reach to create a better world for everyone.
Herman Li (DragonForce)
2020 Sep 0344m 8s
Herman Li is the co-founder and one of two lead guitarists for the Grammy nominated power metal band DragonForce.
Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour / KL Group)
2020 Aug 2747m 40s
Interview with Kevin Lyman.  Founder of Vans Warped Tour and the Kevin Lyman Group.
Alex Auxier (Orange Amplifiers)
2020 Aug 201h 5m 29s
Interview with Alex Auxier, Global Artist Relations Manager and Social Media Manager for Orange Amplifiers.