• Jen Carrington
8 episodes

Dive Deeper is a podcast for creative humans who want to bring more intention, focus, and joy to their business and creative life.

Hosted by Jen Carrington, a creative coach who spends her days supporting her clients to build impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable businesses and lives, each episode is short and sweet at around ten minutes each and dives deep into the topics that come up time and time again in the work Jen does with her clients.

This show is here to offer you a little guidance, encouragement, and support to you as you navigate your own business journey along the way, and there are worksheets to accompany each episode to hold space for you to dive deeper after listening too.


Radical self-care for creative business owners
2020 Sep 148m 29s
If there’s a lesson I’ve had to learn over and over again in my business it’s this: take damn good care of the vessel through which your work comes to life.
A ‘let’s see what’s possible’ approach to business
2020 Sep 149m 33s
I talk a lot with my clients about navigating and setting expectations in our business journey. I’ve found that the gap between expectations and reality can be a crushing one to navigate at times. It can be frustrating and disheartening to not reach our goals, and then we can start to believe the lie that we’re falling behind and failing when in reality we’re just still making our way there.
Uncertainty isn't the enemy
2020 Sep 149m 49s
It’s easy to believe the myth that all you need to build and run a successful business is a solid business plan and the purposeful strategy to bring it to life.
The five stages of business burnout recovery
2020 Sep 1410m 38s
Hands up if you’ve ever experienced business burnout? Yeah, I’m right there with you.
But are you actually putting your lights on?
2020 Sep 1410m 15s
If you’re anything like my clients you want to build a joyful, impactful, and financially sustainable business while marketing yourself in a way that feels human, gentle, and effective too.
The box that you want to play in
2020 Sep 146m 34s
This is one of my favourite exercises to dive into with my clients: exploring what the box is that they want to be playing in in their business.
The windowless room
2020 Sep 1411m 34s
Sometimes when I’m working with a client it’s super clear what the path is forward, what the direction is that they want to move in and how best we can support them to get there.
Being present while in the pursuit of more
2020 Sep 1411m 48s
Do you ever feel like you’re postponing actually enjoying your creative business journey until you reach that next milestone or goal?