• League Legacy
3 episodes
An analysis of significant events that shaped the history of Rugby League in Australia and internationally. Every month I’ll be joined by Rhys Sullivan as we combine forces and look at the significant events that shaped the game. Whether it’s one significant turning point that shook the code or a club self imploding. This podcast is a one stop shop for Rugby League historians.


League Legacy - Ep 3 - Newcastle Knights - Bringing the Town Together
2020 Sep 3059m 23s
I’m joined by Rhys Sullivan as we recall the Knights charge to the 1997 premiership. Its a follow on from our super league episode as we recall how the Knights brought the city together by winning their first grand final. We’ll bring up how the city had to recover from the devastating 1989 earthquake as well as how rugby league Brought the town together. A much listen for any league fan.
Episode 2 - Penrith Panthers - From Premiers to Disaster
2020 Aug 211h 18m 55s
Im joined by Rhys Sullivan for this episode of League Legacy. In this podcast we are going to be discussing how Penrith built their premiership puzzle for 1991 and how that puzzle fell apart so quickly and so concisely. We’ll be touching on some very serious issues in this podcast such as alcohol fuelled driving and death as well as the impact this had on the club. . Please enjoy the podcast and give recommendations for future podcasts. This podcast was done in tribute to Ben Alexander gone too soon 1971-1992
League Legacy - Episode 1 - The Super League War
2020 Aug 012h 6m 51s
In this podcast I’m joined by Rhys Sullivan to discuss significant events in rugby league history. Today’s significant event is the famous Super League war between Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch. This podcast offers an insight into the drama charged 1995 season with court cases and lawsuits filled to the brim. I hope you enjoy this in-depth look at the Super League War