Only You Can Save You
  • Tahjae Davis
11 episodes
This cast is about self, knowing your worth, as well as overcome the imbalances within the challenges that happen throughout our lives... Support this podcast:


Prejudices That Brings Division
2020 Oct 1546m 58s
This episode speaks upon one of the main challenges, that blindly attacks the very fiber of our Constitutional rights of equality that all are created equal under the Liberties of our America!
2020 Oct 1426m 16s
This episode is another twist in the irony of our Government
Trump SMFH...
2020 Oct 101h 8s
This episode is about the incomprehensible antics of Trump
The Fuckery of Family
2020 Sep 261h 24m 10s
I am going to be applying some of my poetry in the next episode! If anyone can relate get at me...
Too late - Your gone before living
2020 Sep 231h 5m 54s
This episode is what disasters happen that can unequivocally change the direction your heading, do to unexpected happenings and how life rearranged at unexpected times...
Life Is A Cunning Foe
2020 Sep 1237m 46s
This episode is about how life turns on you and you either got what it takes to move forwards, or sink and stay stuck in that situation. It's our experiences that will change the direction of our lives and who knows... with a little hope the lives of others positively!
Life’s Challenges & overcoming Our Worst Enemy... Ourselves!
2020 Sep 071h 46m 5s
This week will be about what imbalances & challenges of life tears us down to where it’s either beat it down or get beat down...
Life’s Bullshit
2020 Sep 0757m 2s
This episode is a look into what we go through everyday, but also howthe destructive
The Lies We Tell Ourselves
2020 Aug 311h 25m 13s
This episode is about wanting to be accepted by those we trust, & we change ourselves hoping for change, but to no avail nothing ever changes and we keep lying to ourselves that if we do this or that... It will get better if we love harder - that we are the core problem- if only they would see how much I love...
The Effects of Holding Grudges
2020 Aug 301h 47m 45s
This Podcast is about the lies we tell ourselves, and the ways we deal...