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Lightskin Talks is hosted by Ja'quan McGill and Peyton McLaurin, two former collegiate athletes. On our podcast, we focus mainly on topics going on in the NBA. Such as the NBA draft, free agency, game recaps, etc! We give out honest opinions that are not influenced by anyone but ourselves. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lightskintalks/support


Lightskin Talks Episode 6- Steph vs Isaiah Thomas, Is Tyronn Lue a Proven Winner? Jimmy Butler Top 10? Special Guests Frane and Brian!
2020 Oct 181h 13m 37s
On this installment of your mommas' mommas favorite podcast, we are joined by Frane Larose and Brian Donaire our teammates at North Country Community College, and two sad Miami Heat Fans! We start out by discussing Tory Lanez's recent arrest then dive into our question of the week and shouting out those who answered it! We Appreciate it! While our two amazing guests were on we discussed these years NBA Finals, Isaiah Thomas v Stephen Curry, and Lebrons' toughest challenges in the east. We ended it with some NFL topics, such as the Dak Prescott injury and how it will affect the league going forward and more! Thank you guys for all the support and we hope you continue to enjoy each episode! Have a blessed Sunday!
Lightskin Talks Episode 5- Best NBA Duos, Favorite Drake Song, Special Guest Grant Webb, and MVP Cam Newton v MVP Lamar Jackson!
2020 Oct 1140m 31s
In this episode of Lightskin Talks, we are joined by Grant Webb Peyton McLaurin's freshmen year roommate, and Ja'quan and I teammate at North Country Community College! We talk best NBA duos, our question of the week (favorite Drake song), Lamar Jackson v Cam Newton's MVP comparison, Bills v Titans, and much more! We appreciate everyone who has listened to our podcast this past month and we look forward to growing this podcast with your guys' help! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @Lightskintalks and be on the lookout for the question of the week so you can get a shoutout on the next episode. Have a great Sunday!
Lightskin Talks Episode 4- Will Bryson Tiller's Album Flop? Mohomes vs Lamar, Heat vs Lakers Predictions, Special Guests
2020 Oct 0440m 22s
Wake ya mama up, cause it's the 4th episode and we have special guests Frane Larose and Brian Donaire on this weeks episode. Two of our teammates at North Country Community College back in 2015-16. Before discussing their NBA Finals picks, Ja'quan and I talk about the climate change clock that went up in New York City last weekend. We also talk about who will have the better album between 21 Savage and Bryson Tiller. We end with what would have been the matchup of the week between the Chiefs and Pats! Thank you guys for supporting us and if you enjoyed the episode leave a comment, have a blessed Sunday!
Lightskin Talks Episode 3- Top 3 Drake Albums, Best Players Under 25, Tyler Herro Ceiling, Is KAT Leaving Minnesota?
2020 Sep 281h 6m 53s
In this episode of your mama's favorite podcast, we dive deep into the potential of Tyler Herro and who we think he compares too. We talk about Tory Lanez's new album 'Daystar', our favorite 3 Drake albums, the best players under 25, Super Bowl predictions, and more! We appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen to our podcast and we thank ma dukes as well! Give us a 5-star rating if you enjoy the episode, it helps us get seen by more people. Have a blessed day!
Lightskin Talks Episode 2- Giannis's Future, LaMelo to the Knicks? Damian Lillard vs Kyrie Irving
2020 Sep 201h 9m 16s
In this episode Ja'quan and Peyton talk about the Milwaukee Bucks getting upset by the Miami Heat and if Giannis should force the Bucks to trade him. We give our thoughts on where he should end up! We also dive into what will happen if the Rockets lose to the Lakers in game 5 of the playoffs. We give our picks for the start of the NFL season week 1. Then end with a lottery mock draft and discussing who is better Kyrie Irving or Damian Lillard! If you were able to listen to this week's episode we want to thank you and hope you will give us a review and a 5-star rating!
Lightskin Talks Episode 1- NBA Finals Picks, Cam Newton vs Tom Brady, NBA MVP Regular Season Award?
2020 Sep 1336m 27s
In this episode of Lightskin Talks Peyton and Ja'quan talk about game 3 of the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks series, as well as game 1 of the LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets series where the Rockets won by 15 points. We also get into if the NBA MVP award should be a regular-season award or not. We dive into the NFL discussing the new-look New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and who we believe will have a more successful season between the two. We end the episode giving our opinion on the NBA players' strike and deciding to postpone some playoff games. If you listened to any part of the episode we appreciate it and would also appreciate it if you give us a review good or bad and rate the podcast as well! You can follow Ja'quan McGill @thejaquanmcgill on Twitter and Instagram and follow Peyton McLaurin @peyton_allday12 on both platforms as well! Thank you and have a blessed one