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Interview With John Mahlmeister Co-Founder of EasyIce
2016 Aug 2734m 5s
John Mahlmeister is the CMO and Co-Founder of EasyIce, a company which sells ice machine subscriptions to the owners of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The EasyIce concept is about providing a continuous and abundant supply of clean ice while freeing-up owner's operating capital.
Interview with William Metropulos CEO and Founder of Smart Bar USA
2016 Aug 2529m 30s
Once a DJ trying to figure-out a more efficient way for bars, restaurants and nightclubs to make drinks, William Metropulos found "lightning-in-a-bottle" when his idea turned into an automated bartender he calls "Smartender."
Interview With Ron Van Der Molen CEO and Founder of CleanDrop Mobile
2016 Aug 2526m 21s
Once a tile-setter in the kitchens of restaurants, Ron Van Der Molen gained enough first-hand knowledge of the source of foodbourne illnesses. With the advent of social media, discover how Van Der Molen decided he could help make a difference for people by developing the CleanDrop Mobile app.
Discover the Problems and Maintenance of Automatic Glass Washers
2016 Aug 2524m 22s
Interview with Cyndie Salas of Tampa-based "Dishing-It-Out," a company that sells and services automatic glass washers for bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Cyndie talks about the problems and need for properly maintaining glass washing equipment.
Interview With Industry Expert Chuck Diebel on How Can Bar Owners Be So Unaware of Losses
2016 Aug 2534m
Chuck Diebel, CPA, and owner of a Columbus-Ohio based BevInco distributor, discusses how 85% of bar, restaurant and nightclub owners are losing 20% of their profits through inaccurate inventory management and are totally unaware!
Interview With Mike Kilgore of All-Access VIP Virtual VIP Booking Service for Adult Nightclubs
2016 Aug 2526m 54s
While booking events in the countryclub industry, Mike Kilgore was no stranger to the popularity of gentlemen's clubs among golfers. While booking many such events, Mike experienced the service gap at many of the local clubs and recognized the opportunity of helping adult nightclub owners with his newly-developed virtual booking service.
Interview With Bruce Liebman of ChargeCube U.S. Phone Charging Kiosks
2016 Aug 2525m 10s
Bruce Liebman, owner of ChargeCube U.S. talks about his company's product, which is designed to help patrons while putting more money in the club owner’s pocket – phone charging kiosks by ChargeCube, a product that was invented in the U.K. and has developed widespread acceptance.
Interview With Josh Goodman CEO of "Pour My Beer" Self-Serve Beer and Wine Dispensing Systems
2016 Aug 2527m
Josh Goodman is the founder of an innovative draft beer and wine self-serve dispensing system, known as "Pour My Beer," that can help bars, restaurants, golf courses, hotels and nightclubs serve the needs of their customers without the need of bartenders.