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Stories With Morals – Unfaithful Gary
2011 Feb 03
This is the first episode in a brand new Jimmy Chiu series called Stories With Morals.  The episode is entitled Unfaithful Gary and tells what happens to a very unfaithful boy named Gary.
The Jimmy Chiu Podcast 03/06/2009
2009 Mar 06
In this installment of  The Jimmy Chiu Podcast, Jimmy tells you everything you need to know about the newly released Wok The Fuck? DVD!
The Jimmy Chiu Podcast 02/22/08
2008 Feb 23
In this, the first installment of The Jimmy Chiu Podcast, Jimmy shares his thoughts on the movie The Eye, the post-election violence in Nairobi, Human Growth Hormone, and the U.S. Election. He also responds to an email from an overzealous fan.
Wok The Fuck? Episode 1
2008 Jan 04
Wok The Fuck?, the popular flash cartoon that has been circulating over the internet the past year, is becoming a series!  Here is the very first episode, remastered for your enjoyment!