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Tennis Talk
2020 Oct 1622m 3s
Today we talk about Tennis, Sports in general, and college with two world-famous tennis players, Daniel Bernhardsen and Ben Ingracia.
College for Incoming Seniors
2020 Oct 0920m 22s
In this podcast, you will learn some of the pros and cons of college. You might even get an answer to some of the questions you might have!
How To Talk To Girls
2020 Oct 0227m 54s
Do you want to know how to get girls? Then you should tune in to this podcast with TWO REAL FEMALE GUESTS!!!
Top 5 High School Party Tips
2020 Sep 2516m 23s
Do you want to know how to have a cool high school party? Then listen to our best podcast yet!
Top 5 Things You Can Do When You Are 18
2020 Sep 1817m 8s
Today in this Basic Podcast we will be discussing the top 5 things you can do when you are 18 and more.
5 Basic School Tips
2020 Sep 119m 24s
Today we will be discussing 5 basic school tips that you can do to make your school year better.