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A podcast for the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation! Join Jibbs and Kash as they explore the world of AoC every Friday!


See You Next Week!
2020 Oct 2940s
Hey friends,
#6: The Alpha Letter
2020 Oct 231h 47m 45s
Welcome back friends! This week on the show we answer your mail, break down the latest Creative Director's Letter, talk Alpha One and the future of Ashes of Creation, discuss the economic landscape in AoC and learn about the Dunzenkell Dwarves in a new Lore Lesson! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
#5: ECON 101
2020 Oct 161h 40m 52s
Welcome back! This time on Loreseekers Jibbs and Kash breakdown previous MMORPGs and their housing system as they discuss the latest Dev Discussion, talk the all powerful Economic Node in part one of a new Feature Discussion, discuss the Kaivek Orcs in a new Lore Lesson and more! Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!
#4: Woodland Woes
2020 Oct 091h 19m 16s
Spoopy season is in full swing at Ashes of Creation! Today we go over the October cosmetics package, learn more about the scientific node in Feature Discussions, talk Vaelune in a new Lore Lesson and much more! Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!
#3: September Dev Update
2020 Oct 022h 1m 36s
Welcome back friends! This week on Loreseekers we breakdown all the juicy details from Intrepid's latest Dev Update, answer your mail, talk the Kaelar in a new Lore Lesson, continue our Feature Discussion series on Node advancement and much more! Enjoy and thanks for listening!!
#2: Introduction to Nodes
2020 Sep 251h 38m 21s
Welcome again to another episode of Loreseekers! Today Jibbs and Kash answer your mail, talk the Pantheon of Gods, introduce a new segment to the show, talk immersion in MMOs and preview next week's dev update! Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!
#1: Hello Ashes
2020 Sep 181h 36m 47s
Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Loreseekers: Ashes of Creation! This week on the show we introduce you to who we are, where we come from, what you can expect from the show and what Ashes of Creation is. We also answer your fan mail and bring you your first Lore Lesson! Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!
Loreseekers: AOC Teaser!
2020 Sep 091m 39s
Hey friends! Today we're excited to announce Loresekers is coming to Ashes of Creation! As we continue to prep for launch day on September 18th, be sure to keep your eyes on our social feeds. See you soon!