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19. Late Night Book Talk
2020 Oct 2522m 33s
Join me in today's episode where I talk about my favorite author's, VE Schwab, new book: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. I finished it roughly around 1am and had too much energy to go to sleep so podcast it is. Be my friend on GoodReads:...
18. Craziest Drinks from a Former Barista
2020 Oct 2011m 37s
Join me in today's episode where I reminisce over the drinks I have discovered while working as a barista! Since I'm getting laid-off due to covid-related reduction of hours, I talk about what other part-time jobs I would love to do! Listen to this...
17. Surprise Sponsorship with Sam!
2020 Oct 1734m 14s
Join us in today's episode where my friend/roommate Sam and I talk about the upcoming holiday (Halloween) with an in-depth analysis of the 1993 classic: Hocus Pocus. We also sprinkle in the fact that we are now unemployed college students and some other...
16. PublicTalk with Sierra!
2020 Oct 1211m 53s
Join us in today's episode where Sierra and I share our love for Theta Tau, living situations, and the B-Cycle bikes inside of a convenient store. Quite a convenient location.Check out the podcast on:Youtube: https://youtu.be/IRCD9HLlgSIApple Podcasts:...
15. PenTalk!
2020 Oct 018m 50s
Join me for International Podcast Day with the long-awaited PEN PODCAST EPISODE! In this episode, I geeked out over four extremely popular gel pens! Watch on Youtube for the visual pen swatches!Check out the podcast on:Youtube:...
14. Sewtalk with Anella!
2020 Sep 1627m
Join me in this week's episode with my friend Anella from Wisconsin (but actually from Saint Paul)! This episode is also on youtube, look at Anella's creations there! We talk about how she started off with sewing and somehow ended up talking about...
13. Facebook Marketplace Disaster
2020 Aug 3018m 6s
Learn about my adventure with Facebook Marketplace for an orgo molecule model kit! Listen to this episode also on:Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-little-bit-of-lauren/id1520026440Youtube - https://youtu.be/nQd4KSgHTI8
12. Questions in Wisconsin!
2020 Aug 2340m 24s
Join me in this week's episode where I update you on where I am and what I've been up to. Featuring 101 Topics to Talk About, check it out, and answer for yourself (linked below)!101 Topics - ...
11. Arttalk with Harikla!
2020 Aug 1036m 4s
Tune into this week's episode where Harikla and I talk about artwork, finding inspiration, hair, and where we see each other in 5 years! Watch on video version on Youtube!Episode is also available on:Youtube - https://youtu.be/CVM-tCt10LsApple Podcasts...
10. Not so Sick
2020 Jul 2916m 34s
Join me for today's episode where I reminisce about all the times I was sick during college (spoiler alert - there were a lot). COVID test was negative, I put the signed form on my fridge. Also available on:Apple Podcasts:...