Random Rants
  • A Rivera
7 episodes
Random stuff about all things in life. For people 17 and older only please. 😊


2020 Apr 031h 46m 19s
Gump n friends
2020 Mar 2823m 16s
Mi vida loca ❤️😊
Quandaries continue
2020 Mar 2812m 20s
How do you like it so far??
End thought
2020 Mar 261m 33s
Sip sip
2020 Mar 265m 18s
This is the start of part 2. Sorry if it's in the wrong place. Still learning. And using a phone. Haha
Like a prism glimmering on multisurfaces, in the sun❤️😏
2020 Mar 2551m 27s
This section begins with the original pilot recording for this podcast. I just happened to find it saved somewhere. I like the format though. Maybe each new chapter should begin with a new beginning? We shall see.
Learning the podcast ropes...
2020 Mar 211h 25m 44s
Random rants about life n things.