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We're a couple who loves photography, art, interesting news, quirky history, pop culture and more!


Mike & Crystal's Old Fashioned Flashback Christmas
2018 Dec 2315m
We remember what Christmas was like in the 80’s, and a little farther back then that, when we read 100 year old letters to Santa!
Fantastic Fads!
2018 Oct 0153m
We take a look at some fads and sensations of the last few decades.
Casual Talk with Crystal and Mike Podcast
2018 Apr 2315m
It's been a while! In this episode, we catch up on what we've been working on how we've been. Catch up with us!
*Gummi Doom!* Sugar-Free Sh!t Storm!
2018 Mar 0930m
Sugar-free Gummi Bears can pack a nasty surprise! We read real product reviews in this hilariously  un- bearable Podcast!
Neuschwanstein Castle
2018 Feb 2215m
Crystal and Mike take a look back at a magical castle in the Alps!
Each Sold Separately Part II
2018 Feb 1418m 16s
Last time, we talked about the 1980's toys you love. In this part two episode, we talk about the toys you never heard of because they were terrible! Find out why!
Each Sold Separately
2018 Feb 1215m
In this totally radical Podcast, we take a look at like our favorite 1980's toys and the stories behind them.
Death & Funerals
2018 Feb 0436m
Taking a dirt nap, pushing up daisies, buying the farm. Human mortality is complicated and could be sad. After going to a funeral, we got to thinking of funerals themselves. (fun right?) We looked at history and across cultures to find the odd and interesting traditions you won't soon forget. So have a listen for a surprisingly funny and uplifting look at funerals.
Turn That Frown Upside Down!
2018 Jan 1338m
Mike and Crystal take it to a more personal level and discuss what gets us down and what brightness us back up again!
Odd Christmas Traditions
2017 Dec 2326m 38s
We take a look at some unusual (to say the least) Christmas traditions from around the world.