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Hosted by Faitth Brooks and Cameron Friend, two anti-racism experts with a love for culture, black story-telling, and never shy away from controversy. Each week we focus on what is new in black entertainment while discussing important cultural events.


White People Are Banned From Magic
2020 Oct 2639m 57s
During the final episode of season one Faitth and Cameron covered the final episode of season one of 'Lovecraft Country'. Leti banned white people from ever being able to use magic again and it was glorious. Early voting is going on and people are burning ballot boxes. Will white people ever learn?
Voter Suppression, White Groups Planning to Kidnap Governors and the Tulsa Riots
2020 Oct 1646m 21s
Faitth and Cameron talk about the alleged kidnapping plans of Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and how white people get hall passes when they commit crimes. Cameron celebrates and bemoans the 17th NBA Championship for the LA Lakers. Episode 9 of Lovecraft Country was the main topic of discussion as it set the stage for the Tulsa Riots and white violence in modern America history.
Whiteness, the White House and COVID-19
2020 Oct 0938m 43s
Faitth and Cameron discuss the Super-Spreader and the White House as the new COVID hotspot. Lovecraft Country spotlights the murder of Emmitt Till and how we help black children to process racism and loss. Faitth also breaks down what whiteness is at the end of the episode!
Debate Special
2020 Oct 0153m 27s
Cameron and Faitth discuss the Presidential debate, tensions that exist within our country right now, and why Lovecraft Country's newest episode was so special to Black women.
Breonna Taylor
2020 Sep 2532m 1s
Faitth and Cameron share their feelings on the recent decision surrounding the circumstances of Breonna Taylor's murder and the lack of justice provided by the state of Kentucky.
I Want to be White
2020 Sep 1942m 13s
Breonna Taylor Family Settlement. NBA Western Conference Playoffs. Lovecraft County Episode 5. Being White Is Its Own Currency.
Mental Health and the Black Community
2020 Sep 1144m 47s
Faitth and Cameron talk about the recent comments from Skip Bayless on Dark Prescott and mental health. Donald Trump eliminates diversity programs from the White House and vilifies the Critical Race Theory.  The NFL had its first game on Thursday night and the boos have already started. We also talk about Lovecraft County Episodes 2 and 3.
The Legacy of Chadwick Boseman
2020 Sep 0441m
Faitth and Cameron reflect on the Legacy of Chadwick Boseman. The Importance of Black Story Telling. The murder of Daniel Prude. White People Are Exhausting. Lovecraft County Episode 1.
Jacob Blake Blake and Insecure Season Four
2020 Aug 2845m 8s
Faitth Brooks and Cameron Friend discuss the recent shooting of Jacob Blake, Kyle Rittenhouse, White Rage and Insecure Season 4. Whew...