The Daily RICHual
  • Rich Sands
13 episodes
Something to get you going, thinking, wondering, or doing each day.


Daily RICHual #13: The Path Out of Deadlock
2020 Feb 051m 26s
Yesterday we covered deadlock in a negotiation
Daily RICHual #12: Why Deadlock Happens
2020 Feb 041m 19s
There comes a time in many negotiations when progress halts and deadlock ensues.  Several things happen when deadlock occurs and if you know what they are, and what to do about them, success can be the result.
Daily RICHual 11: Still the No Tech Solution
2020 Feb 031m 13s
Technology is moving at a break neck speed. New gadgets, designed to save mankind from the discomforts of life, are developed daily (maybe hourly). Some things, however, remain as they have for years.
Daily RICHual #10 Why Run?
2020 Jan 311m 16s
I run. I’ve run for 53 ½ years, almost 115,000 miles and often I get asked, what are you running from?
Daily RICHual #9 Being A Better Listener
2020 Jan 301m 13s
We spend a ton of our lives in conversations. We talk, we listen. Or do we? How good of a listener are you? AND would it be valuable to get better at it?
Daily RICHual #8 Empathy
2020 Jan 291m 6s
Yesterday we listed four traits/skills/tips for being a better negotiator. Here’s another – and it’s a BIGGIE: Empathy.
Daily RICHual #7 Negotiating Tips
2020 Jan 2858s
We negotiate all the time. It’s not just a work thing, it’s a life thing. There are some great resources for being a better negotiator and I’ve listed a few of my favorites in the notes. But for the sake of the moment, here are four of my favorites:
Daily RICHual #6 Do Gratitude
2020 Jan 271m 7s
Every time I say the words, “happiness is not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have,” most people chuckle and say, “Yeah, sure, right!” Then almost without exception they will say something skeptical or negative.
Daily RICHual #5 Presentation Visuals
2020 Jan 241m 18s
Two days ago while teaching a technology class to a room full of Realtors, one rolled up when we were finished and said, I really liked your slides. The visuals were great and REALLY anchored the points you were making.
Daily RICHual #4 Social Media and Branding
2020 Jan 231m 3s
Yesterday we kicked around the difference between sales and branding. Well, one of the great misconceptions about social media is that it’s a sales venue. In the words of Lee Corso, Not so fast my friend.