• Hatim Sidhpur
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THE MOTIVATOR:- You All Are Here Just Because You Have Some Intentions To Do In Your Life..RIGHT?🤔🤔 ➡️ *Then You Could Be Next Most Successful Person* ➡️Just Like People Out There. Yes??🖤 ➡️EveryBody Wants To Be A Successful Person...Yeah? 🔱 *HATIM SIDHPUR* The Host Of *THE MOTIVATOR* Has Also Faced "Difficulties, Challenges" In His Life Just Like You All Face. ➡️Everybody Has Some Challenges In Their Life, Nobodys Life Is Perfect, To Share Some Of Those Live Experience The Host Is Here For You💪🏻


Two Ways For Manifesting Your Work📃
2020 Oct 0610m 6s
In this podcast you will get to know about the, "Two Ways For Manifesting Your Work" and there are some live examples of People who have achieved something in their life and could be the best examples you can learn from❤.
Is Social Media A Right Place For??
2020 Sep 2519m 6s
In this podcast you'll get to know about the social media and whether it is a "Right Place For...". Well to know the complete statement listen to it. Hint:- It Is Based On The Current Situation And Generation. So do listen to it and share your reviews. Instagram:- ___.themotivatorclub.__
Is Humanity Fading Away..??
2020 Sep 1113m 41s
In This Podcast You Will Get An Answer About The Fading Of Humanity🤔. That How Animals Are Being Killed Brutally And How We Humans Are Misusing Our Resources And To Get More Information About What Are Rest Of The Point Then Do Listen This Podcast🙌🏻. (All those records are mentioned in the podcast all those are from "source:- google") instagram:-@___.themotivatorclub.__
Things I &You Learned In Our Teeanage💫
2020 Sep 0811m 7s
This Podcast is basically based on the teenage life. What all are those things that happens with you all in your teenage. Some where you all have face same things just like I faced in My Teenage. So to share such experience I have list down some important lessons I learned In my teenage and I believe you all have too.. so listen to the podcast and share it🙌🏻❤... Instagram:- ___.themotivatorclub.__ and do check it out I post motivational reels and IGTV videos daily😍
Life Lessons Corona Taught Me.!!!
2020 Sep 0413m
In This Podcast You'll Get To Know About The Host Life Lesson What Corona Taught Him And How People React When You Ask Them For Help Or How Many Are There With You Right Now In This Situation And Some More Great Lessons Listen Till End Guys...Instagram:-@___.themotivatorclub.__❤🙌🏻
Why Failure's Get More Rich Or Why Failure's Get More Success.
2020 Sep 0113m 42s
In this podcast you all get to know about the thinking of a failure person🧠. How do they see towards their goals which keeps them motivating to reach their goals🙌🏻. Some Examples of Failure peoples are also mentioned in this podcast so as to make you understand that Failure Is The Key To Success. This is second part of failure hope you have listened to the first part if not then scroll down 👇 Ig:-___.themotivatorclub.__
The 3 Regrets Of My Life
2020 Aug 2714m 57s
In this podcast I have shared my experience and what all are those regrets of my life and how it feels when you regret those moment...@ig:- ___.themotivatorclub.__
Things Essential To Start A Business And 4Ps Of Marketing
2020 Aug 2314m 16s
The podcast tells you about the most important "P's" Marketing which is used in every business and how to promote your business❤ ig:-@___.themotivatorclub.__
Is Failure An End??
2020 Aug 2015m 58s
This podcast will tell you that failure is not an end towards your life,career nor for anything and some examples of failures who are succesful now❤
Is Covid-19 An Advantage Or Disadvantage???
2020 Aug 1716m 21s
In this podcast you'll get to know whether this pandemic has some advantage for you or an disadvantage. And how can you use this very moment to grow your business❤.To know the full information listen to the podcast👑