Bite the Bullet
  • Katy and Karli
3 episodes
Bite the Bullet is about two girls talking all things present, emphasizing on body positivity, most of all, what we call “funny content”


We aren’t cancel culture but...
2020 Aug 2526m 21s
Stay tuned for articles of clothing men and women should NOT be wearing... as well as a surprise story.
Bite the bullets very own boot camp
2020 Aug 1925m 15s
Katy, Karli, and a special guests gives “boot camp” instructions on how to guide themselves through certain experiences in life, including, f boys and girls, exes, manifesting, anxiety, and school.
Pandemic Protocols and Snapchat Lurkers
2020 Aug 1424m 40s
Bite the Bullet talks about mask wearing, DISGUSTING “J” boys, people who need to delete snapchat, and what our podcast is gonna look like in the future!