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Why Me?
2020 Jun 067m 50s
Why does it seem like I’m a target for people to tear down? This episode will help you get over that obstacle.
Travel without Dead Weight
2020 May 177m 7s
Don’t always bring a crowd to your blessing walk in gods timing.
Take this Corona Virus Serious
2020 Mar 194m 18s
Tips and advice on preparing for this virus
Your time is NOW!
2020 Mar 118m 29s
It’s your time
Almost is Enough is many situation you determine what finally determines your destiny.
2020 Mar 106m 54s
Don’t be so anxious to finish a destructive situation.
Listen to YOU!
2020 Mar 085m 50s
Who better to listen to but your own wisdom and strength?
Surviving R Kelly’s Lizzette Martinez at 8pm tonight on the Atmos Love Zone You Tube Subscribe.
2020 Mar 073m 19s
Telling her truth about what happened in different events.
Don’t rush thru the rain
2020 Mar 058m 6s
Slow down thru your trials and learn thru the process
None of your business.
2020 Mar 046m 10s
Why do we allow others to control us and our day based on how THEY FEEL OR SAY?
The Sticker
2020 Mar 038m 27s
Why is other people’s appreciation of you more important than your own?