• Kimi G
29 episodes
Relaxed Funny Story telling 420 Get high Talk About things


Weed hunter
2020 Oct 2733m 31s
We are on a weed hunt. Top indica . how to be high
Proud to be free
2020 Oct 2633m 31s
Getting high. Feeling good. Having fun.
Baked while high
2020 Oct 2220m 51s
Make you laugh. Get you high.
How to store weed and pharma vs pot
2020 Oct 2136m 50s
Keep it fresh.
2020 Oct 1929m 36s
What is A description of life
Nothing but A good time
2020 Oct 1640m 13s
Tonight we talked about a whole bunch of random things got really really silly stoned and we just had fun
How to get high
2020 Oct 121h 18m 50s
We smoke weed and talk
Carving pumpkin
2020 Oct 1141m 16s
Carving pumpkins high. Master carver
High bliss
2020 Oct 1033m 6s
Weed. bud. Pot
High things to do
2020 Oct 0825m
All over the place. Random. Stoned. Smoke the bong