Working Home Parents
  • Amanda and Dan Norton
8 episodes
Weekly interviews, resources, and advice to help parents raise their little ones and make a living all under the same roof. We know being parents of little ones and working from home can quickly go from enjoyable to stressful within moments. Amanda and Dan from Parent Pacifier reveal their parenting wins, failures, and lessons they are learning along the way, so you no longer feel alone and can get a handle on the stress. Since 2017, they have been raising their son, all while working from home—Amanda, an employee telecommuting remotely, and Dan, a self-starting entrepreneur, often working late into the night. Each job already has its unique stresses, then add a baby in the mix; it only gets more complicated. Can you relate to potty training on breaks? How about keeping a small apartment quiet while on the phone with a client? Or the everyday struggle of somehow scheduling in meals, fun activities, and sleep? They will go into all that, and more so you can also make it through the day without burning yourself out. It's a mix of interviews, special co-hosts, and solo shows from Amanda and Dan you're not going to want to miss. So whether you have a newborn or have multiples, hit subscribe, and get ready to get a handle on the working from home Parent lifestyle.


8 Home-Based Activities for a Fun 2020 Halloween
2020 Oct 2722m 56s
In this episode Amanda and Dan share 8 stay-at-home at home activities to help keep Halloween fun this year.
Getting Better Sleep For The Whole Family with Holistic and Gentle Sleep Consultant Andrea Strang
2020 Oct 2040m 27s
In this episode we learn how to get better sleep as parents, as well as, kids of any age.
10 Advantages for Parents Working From Home
2020 Oct 1332m 40s
In this episode Amanda and Dan share their top 10 best advantages to be a working home parent.
5 Biggest Challenges of Working From Home with Children and How To Keep Going
2020 Oct 0625m 46s
In today's conversation we cover our five biggest challenges as parents working from home, and how we are actively working through them.
The Challenges and Blessings of Parenting a Child with Special Needs with Lisa and Kevin Kolbe
2020 Sep 2952m 32s
Lisa and Kevin Kolbe are excited to encourage and educate you with their personal experiences raising Elias, their youngest son with special needs.
Overcoming Screen Addiction in Families with Addiction Therapist Joshua C. Andrus
2020 Sep 1544m 37s
In this episode we will learn how to identify when we are spending too much time on our devices, and how we can intentionally change our behaviors to lead to better quality time together as a family.
How To Get Your Little Ones To Sleep Consistently with Eva Klein
2020 Sep 1240m 52s
Eva Klein from My Sleeping Baby shares her top 3 tips to help get your little one to sleep through the night, every night.
Our Working Home Parent Story and What To Expect on this Podcast
2020 Sep 1211m 47s
Meet working home parents Amanda and Dan Norton as we share our story and what to expect with this podcast going forward.