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Sound and Fiction is a place where we take a deep dive into the personal and musical stories of some of most fascinating, engaging creative minds from the Gulf region.


Sound & Fiction: Ep. 3 - Mustafa Halwachi
2020 Sep 0933m 23s
Bahraini artist Mustafa Halwachi talks to us about his need to "keep making things" and dipping his hands into as many pots as he could, from graffiti to carpentry and from fabrication to MCing. Over the years, he has cemented his place as one of the most creative and active artists on the island... he shares stories of how he got into it all, his philosophy and surprisingly drops some fire bars on us!
Sound & Fiction: Ep. 2 - Hasan Hujairi
2020 Aug 2644m 1s
We follow up our firsts episode with a fascinating chat with one of Bahrain's most fascinating characters. Hasan Hujairi - sound artist, composer and researcher - is a pioneer in the field in the region, having delved deeper into the theories, practicalities and histories of "musics" and created his own brand of it.
Sound & Fiction: Ep. 1 - Abdulla Faisal
2020 Aug 1537m 57s
In our first episode of the new Sound & Fiction podcast, we sit down with Abdulla Faisal, member of the bands Majaz and Arabstract, to talk about the importance of collaboration in music, his passion for Columbia and its culture, and gettin into filmmaking.