• John Voorhees
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Enjoy a front row seat at house concerts, song circles and coffeehouses, guided by Mississippi folk musician John Voorhees. Live music, interviews and commentary.


SWRFA Jam 1 - James Lee Stanley & John Batdorf - All Wood And Stones
2012 Sep 0819m 38s
This is the first of a series of shorter, music-intensive shows featuring live performances from last year's Southwest Regional Folk Alliance in Austin, TX. In this episode, James Lee Stanley and John Batdorf showcase their acoustic versions of Rolling Stones classics. Their 2005 CD is called All Wood and Stones.
Fun-Size 5: Lori Holyfield - Pay Attention
2012 Jun 1010m 51s
On the last day of the Kerrville Folk Festival, here's a recording from the first song circle of the year at Camp Stupid. Sociology professor Dr. Lori Holyfield lays down some musical wisdom.
Episode 9 - A First Time For Everything
2012 Mar 1236m 41s
This episode, we sit in on the First-Timers showcases at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) and talk with Charlie Stewart of Handshake Management. Includes live recorded tunes from the following artists:
Episode 8 - Let's All Go To The Lobby
2011 Dec 2138m 51s
For this episode, John Voorhees sets up his microphone in the lobby of the Austin Midtown Holiday Inn during registration for the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance music conference (SWRFA). Among the passing players are Tom Corbett, Rob Lytle, Jim Jones, John Scholten and 2 Bit Palomino. We also talk with organizer Dalis Allen about the difference between SWRFA and Kerrville Folk Festival (which she also coordinates).
Episode 7 - Monster Jam Session
2011 Oct 3028m 6s
We return with a groovy, ghoulie Halloween episode, featuring monstrous melodies from Kyle Howe, John & Tanya, Joe McClure and Butch Morgan, plus keyboard creepies from Julie Bonk and a little harmonic salvation from Brother Sun!
Quick Update
2011 Sep 274m 22s
Tomorrow morning I'm heading off to the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance in Austin! Here's where we stand.
Fun-Size 4: David Allan - Alone
2011 Sep 156m 16s
David Allan plays in the Austin area, and I'm still looking to find a good link for him. Great song, though.
Fun-Size 3: Joanna Howerton - River Child
2011 Sep 128m 43s
Joanna Howerton of the Hill Country Penguins rocks Camp Stupid at the Kerrville Folk Festival with the help of Gary Sapone's searing harmonica.
Fun-Size 2: Bill Oliver - Act Of God
2011 Sep 086m 24s
I talked with eco-troubadour Bill Oliver back in episode 3 of That's Soundacious, and this is a very timely song about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the "response" of Texas governor (and current Republican Presidential candidate) Rick Perry. You can hear more of Bill's music at his website, mrhabitat.net.
Fun-Size 1: Butch Morgan - Mr. Blue
2011 Sep 066m 59s
This is the first of several shorter, more frequent episodes of the podcast through the course of September ... and possibly October. Expect Fun-Size shows every Monday and Thursday.