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Agent Orange Legacy is fighting for the services, support and rights of the children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange - Dioxin and their families.


Speak Out - family's of Vietnam Veterans part 2
2010 Jun 071h 33s
Family's - Children and Grandchildren of
Speak Out - family's of Vietnam Veterans part 1
2010 Jun 0559m 1s
Family's - Children and Grandchildren of
Special presentation form our Agent Orange Legacy Founders
2009 Dec 2859m 21s
Our last show was so successful, many listeners and a full chat room, we have scheduled another show on the 28th of December, 2009 @ 6:00 p.m. EST. Tune in to hear more about Agent Orange Legacy...who we are, what we are doing, our expectations for the future and how you can help.
Agent Orange Legacy
2009 Nov 3059m 37s
So you thought the VIETAM war was over. Thousands upon thousands of veterans are dying and their families are suffering, silenced for 40 years, still fighting an elusive killer called AGENT ORANGE! On this show we invite you to share memories, emotions, frustrations, laughter and tears with us as we discuss the intergenerational effects of agent orange & the challenges faced by these families. We are mobilizing to fight for the Services, Support & Rights of the Children of Vietnam Veterans & Families of Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange.