The Melanated Mental Health Awareness Podcast
  • Tyrus Kennedy
7 episodes
This is an audio and visual podcast created to address the stigmas and misinformation about mental health in the Black Community. The team is made up of 5 highly educated and highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping those who are struggling with their mental health. This podcast is powered by Black With No Chaser.


Session 4: Dealing With Microaggressions At Work and Beyond
2020 Jun 251h 30m 43s
In this talk, the team is joined by special guest Dr. Ebony, the creator of the My Therapy Cards, the only therapy card deck for women of color. The topic at hand was Microaggressions. We started off by defining what a Microaggression is and its various forms. Then we tackled all of the ways to handle them as well as self care to deal with them. Not to be forgotten, the team also discussed Microaggressions that children deal with from both teachers and other children and ways to help them manage.
Session 3: How to Help Your Children Navigate Through The Stressors of Today
2020 Jun 1643m 28s
The topic of this chat was about how parents can help their children to get through the stressors of the major events happening in our world with the COVID-19 and racial pandemics using education, coping skills, community resources, and unique opportunities for growth around them in everyday life.
MHM 3: Combating Imposter Syndrome
2020 Jun 145m 13s
Today's Mental Health Moment is from correspondent DeShara C Doub. She talks about ways to combat self doubt and internalized fear caused from Imposter Syndrome.
MHM 2: Managing Stessors on Families and Relationships
2020 Jun 087m 37s
This mental health moment is from Adrienne Marshall.  It is about the stressors on families and relationships caused by the effects of systemic racism which includes tips on how to keep our family and partner relationships strong by creating stress-free, peaceful, and supportive environments with each other at home.
Session 2: The Revolution is Live...Managing the Current Racial Trauma
2020 Jun 0719m 10s
This episode featured correspondent is DeShara C. Doub.  She gives us tips and a few exercises to help us manage the day to day stressors we are dealing with between Covid-19 and the events leading up to nationwide protests.
Mental Health Moment
2020 Jun 046m 20s
Session 1: The Mental Health Awareness Podcast Kickoff
2020 Jun 011h 38m 33s
Your mental wellness is important. Your family’s mental wellness is important. And we have to have these difficult conversations to rid our community of the stigmas and the misinformation surrounding mental health.