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Its a podcast for everything, Here you will listen Romantic stories, comedy Stories, social issues, international issues, self-help and motivational contents, poetry, Books and so many things. So please follow me. And get entertain.


The real reason behind failure.
2020 Oct 2718m 23s
Why we get failed in our lives, what are the main reason behind the failure. What we ignore. We will talk about those little things here.
Tittle things which we don't care and get failed in life. ( The way of success)
2020 Oct 2733m 15s
We work hard but still don't get success, there are many little things which we miss or ignore and get failed. Here we talk about those little things. In hindi
Reason behind the failure
2020 Oct 2111m 48s
We always talk about the success, how will we get success in our lives, how will we achieve our goals, how will we get rich but we never talk about the failure, why we get fail in our lives, what is the key reason of failure so here in this apisode we will talk about the failure.
Muhnochawa (Funny Indian Story)
2020 Oct 1820m 24s
A horror Comedy Love story of a colony in a city.
Power of Emotions and thoughts
2020 Sep 3025m 43s
Here we will talk about power of our mind and thoughts. How we can achieve what we want, The Power of Emotions, the power of desire and the power of our soul
Bargad ka bhoot short hindi story.
2020 Sep 0926m 46s
A horror Comedy Story of a man who forced to sleep alone at Terrace while some supernatural activities are happening in the society and in his house as well.
India china face-off. The real reason behind it.
2020 Jun 1812m 18s
Here we will discuss about the India china relationship and india china face-off.
Amawas ki raat.
2020 May 0542m 47s
Story of 3 friends in village who are chilling and relaxing at night and suddenly feel some supernatural phenomenon.