Become Healthy and Happy with Dr. Slade
  • Denim Slade
4 episodes
Learn to be Healthier and Happier with Dr. Slade! This episode will help you understand how to maintain enough emotional resources to healthily manage your life.


The Life Balance Wheel
2020 Oct 0633m 22s
The Life Balance Wheel can help us visualize all the different areas in our lives that we need to keep in balance in order to effectively manage our emotional resources!
Relationship Fillers
2020 Sep 2931m 45s
Just as we all have an individual reservoir of emotional resources, each relationship has a relationship reservoir! Learn how to improve your relationships by keeping the relationship reservoir full! Go to to learn more!
Individual Fillers
2020 Sep 1936m 33s
This episode teaches how to make time to do activities that give you more energy than they take--things that fill your emotional reservoir! Maintaining enough emotional resources is CRUCIAL to healthy living!
The Reservoir
2020 Sep 1213m 19s
September's theme is Resource Management, which is the first class in my Healthy and Happy Course! This week's podcast is all about the Reservoir, which is my analogy to help people understand how to keep enough emotional resources to healthily manage their lives.