Burton's Being Rad
  • Brad Burton
9 episodes
Sometimes we do cool things and our kids grandparents want to know about it.... If they can figure out how to listen to a podcast thingy then all will be well in the world.


Grand teton conference canoe trip
2020 Oct 1320m 25s
In Grand teton national park, we canoed across String lake and portaged over to Leigh lake where we spent two nights camping with some friends and listening to General Conference.
Day 9 Shorts Bar
2020 Sep 1711m 11s
The episode no one saw coming, complete with a surprise ending.
Day 8 twin bridges, boat ramp
2020 Sep 1610m 58s
Hear the story about an 8 mile hill, what happens at the end had me in chills
Day 7 Grangeville
2020 Sep 157m 36s
We cheated, find out how we got way further down the route than planned in only one day!
Day 5, Moscow
2020 Sep 139m 25s
Lots of smoke and hills...what happens next has bike tourists everywhere shouting foul!
Day 4 somewhere on the side of hwy 95
2020 Sep 1210m 22s
We finished the trail and hit the real life road...
Day 3 Heyburn state park
2020 Sep 1118m 32s
Another day on the trail, and 31 miles more down. Hear our tent banter at the end of another big day.
Day 2 Rose Lake
2020 Sep 1015m 36s
Bike touring with three kids on the trail of Coeur d'Alenes.
Day 1.5 Trail of the Hiawatha
2020 Sep 098m 44s
Just a little chat with the kiddos, around a flameless camp fire about the days adventures.