Talk is Cheap
  • Liam Mitchell
9 episodes
Liam and Willie talk about many life things including sports, movies and day to day life.


Talk is Cheap | Ep. 9 | Tobey Maguire is a Highschool Student
2020 Oct 2544m 34s
On todays episode of Talk is Cheap, Liam and Willie talk about some fan suggested movies, including spiderman, inception and many more.
Talk is Cheap | Ep. 8 | Star Wars
2020 Oct 1957m
Liam and Willie run through the star wars movies one by one and talk about where the new movies went wrong.
Talk is Cheap | Ep. 6 | Video Games with Sydney Pakosh
2020 Oct 0447m 55s
Liam and Willie welcome a guest to the show in Sydney while they talk about video games.
Talk is Cheap | Ep. 5 | Highschool Memories
2020 Sep 2737m 54s
Liam and Willie answer some questions from the audience and reminisce about their high school lives.
Talk is Cheap | Ep. 4 | Hockey Talk
2020 Sep 2053m 49s
On this episode of the podcast, Liam Willie and special guest Nate Cashin discuss some off season plans for the Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche and the Montreal Canadiens.
Talk is Cheap | Ep. 3 | The Food Episode
2020 Sep 1340m 15s
What are the best foods around? Willie and Liam tell you the indisputable facts in this episode of Talk is Cheap.
Talk is Cheap | Ep.1 | Our Favourite Movies
2020 Aug 2439m 57s
Today we talk about our top 3 movies and why.