• The Loony Bin
2 episodes
The Loony Bin is a podcast where Euka and Misfit get together (occasionally with guests) and discuss whatever comes into their heads. Topics ranging from Mental Health, to Memes. Listen along, have a laugh, have some fun and enjoy the show!


Trends Can be Dangerous!
2019 Aug 291h 9m 12s
This week on The Loony Bin, we discuss trends and how dangerous they can be, our fears and phobias and what super powers we would have as well as a few of the usual tangents. Enjoy!
The Amazon Rainforest Fires are Horrible!
2019 Aug 2359m 18s
Welcome to the first ever episode of The Loony Bin podcast. This episode we talk about the Amazon rainforest fires, Time Travel, Dreams and Aspirations, Languages and few other little things. Hope you enjoy!