The Heart of Rescue with NMDR
  • National Mill Dog Rescue
3 episodes
National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR)'s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome commercial breeding dogs while educating the public about the realities of puppy mills. Join us for discussions about what we do, celebrations of our milestones, and introductions to our team! Is there a topic you'd love to hear us talk about? Send your topic ideas or questions to for consideration! Support this podcast:


The Story of Delilah
2020 Oct 1724m 2s
Episode Three is hosted by Morgana LeBold and her rescued NMDR pup, Delilah (NMDR Addy). Listen to the story of how Morgana got started at NMDR, and why she fell head over heels in love with a rescued Pekingese.
Lily's Story
2020 Oct 0327m 49s
This episode is an emotional story, told by NMDR's founder, Theresa Strader. Theresa tells of how she came to learn about Lily, the dog who inspired National Mill Dog Rescue, and reads the letter she wrote to Lily's breeder after Lily passed away only 15 months after her rescue.
Welcome to National Mill Dog Rescue
2020 Sep 1918m 56s
This first episode of The Heart of Rescue with NMDR features our founder, Theresa Strader. Tune in to hear her talk about National Mill Dog Rescue's mission, our upcoming Gala, and why you should consider adopting over shopping for your next furry family member. 🐶