Who Told You?
  • Veronica Best
12 episodes
Infusing the intricate inner workings of your thought life with inspiration one episode at a time. Our thoughts are the basis of each decision ultimately paving our life. Join Veronica Best in a thought X-ray show that begs the question “Who Told You?”


¿Quien te Dijo? #2 Como Pastorear el Corazon de tu Hijo con Araceli Miranda
2020 Feb 0529m 47s
Me encanta esta mujer... es mama, amiga y una hermana de mi ALMA... escucha su sabiduria y testimonio de como ella pastorea los corazones de sus hijos.
#12 Who Told You, You're Not Blessed? Part 2 with Eloisa Gonzalez
2020 Jan 3029m 53s
So, the episode with my mom only recorded the first half 2 weeks.... thanks internet..... so here is part 2.
¿Quien te Dijo? #1 Como Criar Hijos que Buscan el Corazon de Dios con Eloisa Gonzalez
2020 Jan 2830m 12s
Unete conmigo y mi mama la Pastora Eloisa Gonzalez en un discurso sobre como podemos criar hijos que buscan el corazón de Dios.
#11 Who Told You, You Were Naked? with Jonie Stone
2020 Jan 2259m 28s
#10 Who Told You, You're Not Blessed? With Special Guest Eloisa Gonzalez aka mami part 1
2020 Jan 1729m 50s
This episode dives into the 5 parts of giving the blessing to your loved ones. Veronica and Eloisa describe their child/parent relationship and how the blessing was interchanged. Tune in next week for part 2 of this intimate conversation.
#8 Who Told You to Stay Offended? with Emmanuael and Tonia Loggins
2019 Dec 261h 8m 33s
Diving into John Bevere's book The Bait of Satan incites interesting conversation among long time friends Emmanuael and Tonia Loggins https://www.facebook.com/emmanueal.loggins . Listen in on our journeys through hurt and offense and how we made it to the other side.
#6 Who Told You it's Your Right to Stay Mad? with Rita Bruce
2019 Dec 1859m 2s
Meet my friend/2nd momma/dula as we dive into what offense means and how to let it go *cue Elsa/Frozen theme song......
#5 Who Told You, You Can't Do It?
2019 Dec 0529m 15s
Stripped down, simple talk with yours truly about why I podcast.
#4 Who Told You Hate was Normal? with Jamie Dunkerly
2019 Nov 2758m 14s
Join me as I take a front row seat to this biker chic's amazing story of releasing anger and hatred from her violent past.
#3 Who Told You Not to Live Again? with Cindy Chapman Gayton
2019 Nov 2057m 57s
Listen in as we discuss grief over the loss of a loved one.