Make My Day Podcast
  • Daniel Uhlfelder
4 episodes
The Make My Day Podcast features topical conversations with some of the country’s most interesting figures. On a mission to fight bad actors, Daniel Uhlfelder faces today’s issues head on in an insightful manner.


10.10.20 Make My Day Podcast feat. Ben Meiselas of Meidas Touch
2020 Oct 1052m 11s
On this super-sized episode, Daniel speaks with Ben Meiselas- attorney, activist, political player, and social media trendsetter. Topics include RBG, Presidential Debates, Colin Kaepernick, and more! Some bold predictions for the upcoming cycle are made, see which ones come to fruition!
09.26.20 Make My Day Podcast: Rebekah Jones
2020 Sep 2623m 2s
Today, Daniel Uhlfelder speaks with Rebekah Jones- American whistleblower and geographer about the COVID outbreak, corruption in government, climate change, and more!
09.12.20- Make My Day: Adam Parkhomenko
2020 Sep 1234m 42s
Today, Daniel speaks with Political Consultant and Social Media Rockstar, Adam Parkhomenko about the state of politics in the era of Trump.
08.29.20- Make My Day: Dr. Saff
2020 Aug 2838m 17s
Today's episode features Dr. Ron Saff and discusses the covid pandemic, particularly how it impacts Florida.