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A Christian themed Podcast- Welcome to my Podcast "Moving into Purpose". This podcast is focused on Stimulating the mind as we are Motivated to pursue our God given Purpose. From the presence of God, Pursuing after God, Tackling life challenges eg. Self esteem issues, Self doubt, Insecurities, failure, life challenges, to empowerment to be uncomfortable living beneath our Privileges. Join Your Host Dionne Wray every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday as we will cover topics that will Transformed the mind. Its time to get up and be Intentional about your growth and Purpose In God. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/propel-into-purpose/support


Purpose and Problems With Kerron Young (Founder of Empowered for Purpose Jamaica)
2020 Oct 2434m 11s
Welcome to Season 3 Episode 8. Today Kerron Young and I touched on a very important topic "Purpose and Problems". If you have been following me since season 1, you would know that my podcast forms the basis of educating people and informing them about purpose and its importance as the name of my podcast "Moving Into Purpose Podcast" suggest. Today Kerron and I spoke about how the ways in which God may reveal to a person his/her person.God speaks to his children in many different way; via dreams, visions, his audible voice, encounters etc, so hearing from God on your purpose solely based on your personal relationship with God is extremelyimportant. So when I came up with this topic I immediately thought about those persons who are unsure of their purpose, the ones who are sure but don't know what should be their next step and those who don't have a clue. Now if you fall between any of these categories, this episode is definitely for you. Also Kerron mentioned that getting confirmations from God via his mouthpiece in the earth is very important and so you just don't want to rush into what God has called you to without getting the right training and your character is very important.We also looked at the importance of having the right environment to grow and mature into your purpose, we looked at internal and external factors that may impact on us as we are moving towards what God has called us to. Kerron brought across some really amazing pointers and I must say that God was surely in our midst. Thanks to Kerron for joining and thank you for always tuning into my podcast. The Lord Jesus bless and keep you 🙏✍💬🗨 you can share your views in the comments and subscribe to my podcast for more episodes, Thank you. 💬❤🙏
The Father's Heart- Theme- "Revealing the Heart of the Father"
2020 Oct 1911m 53s
God is multi-faceted which means that he has many different side. Today I speak about the heart of God towards us, what does God think towards us his children, even looking at the Ministry of Jesus as an example. When Jesus came here on earth, he came to reveal what God thought towards us, from coming here to dieing on the cross, everything was done so that we can be reconciled back to God. In Jesus' Ministry we see from the signs and wonders, the compassion and the serving that God loves us and he only wishes that we could come into the knowledge of who he is. God is a loving God, a protector, a shield, a provider and a caring Father. God loves us all ❤️🌍👏🙏🖋️
"The Importance of Serving"- Serving a Child of God Commission- With Jason Bailey
2020 Oct 1324m 19s
The entire Ministry of Jesus was based entirely on Serving, From the demonstration of power, to feeding and embracing, teaching and correcting. He was selfless on to death. Serving is been selfless so that God maybe Glorified through you, it's about putting ourselves aside so that via the ministry that God has given us He may be Glorified through us his servants. Jason mentioned that whenever we are serving we should do it with love. Pride has stopped many people from regarding the importance of serving and we ought to pray and ask God to help us to take on the likeness of Christ so that we too can serve with honour and diligence 🙏🌏🌎🌍🌐🌐✍️🖋️📖
“The Void”- Its because we were disconnected
2020 Oct 0910m 32s
When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sin entered this world, we were all disconnected from God, we were disconnected from the spiritual realm and so our purpose was Tampered with, our identity was tampered with, our peace was tampered with, our joy was tampered with and everything that concerned us was tampered, however we now can receive that connection back through Jesus Christ that will fill that sense or that feeling of emptiness that some of us may feel outside of Christ. It was when I came to God that the emptiness was filled and so I’m sharing with you about when we were disconnected and through whom we have reconnected ✍🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🌎 World changers we are still on a journey and we are learning together ❤️
“Talk Jesus”
2020 Oct 0817m 6s
The Love of the Father is unwavering, God loves us in-spite of our sin, in-spite of our struggles, in-spite of our mistakes and failures. Stacey and I shared on our personal journey and how we came into knowing the love of Jesus. I know some of us might experience certain rejection issues because for some of us, our mothers and fathers and even our friends have given up on us, but we shared on the fathers love that it doesn’t matter who we are, his love for us remains the same . God loves us
“You will not Break under the Pressure”
2020 Sep 308m 50s
Sometimes we have to vision things, vision what it would look like after we are out of our current situation and believe God. The problem is not the issue, the problem is how do you see our circumstances? Do we see as merely a challenge thrown at us for no reason? Or would we just allow God to perfect what he is doing in us? You will definitely not break under the pressure because God is with you.
It was Unknown and Unfamiliar- “Going where you’ve never been”
2020 Sep 2312m 5s
Stop looking from your stand point. You will not always see it the way God see’s it. All that God requires is our trust and obedience to him and also making that first step and he will do it with us. It is when you take that first step that the unfamiliar will become familiar to you, you don’t have to wait on everything to come into alignment to do what God has impressed on your heart, start with what you have and God will do it with you and go through it with you.🌍✍🏾📝
The Condition of the Heart
2020 Sep 2130m 49s
As I reflect on my own life and the life of others there is one common thing that I realize, all that we do as humans is a reflection of what is going on on the inside of us. if we hate, it’s a condition of the heart, if we grudge it’s a condition of the heart. Stacey and I looked at some of the things that negatively affects our heart and what the scripture says that God is expecting of us. Whose words are you storing up in your heart today? Think about it. Storing hate, unforgiveness and other things in our hearts will only hinder our growth in God.
Who is Standing in your Corner?
2020 Sep 179m 58s
Will they watch you wreck yourself by your own weaknesses? Or would they stand by you to support you and buffer you as you step out of line? Having the right people around you will make all the difference, they will help us to avoid certain unnecessary casualties.
The Trouble Called “When”- under the theme: “Desperate Cry of the Heart”
2020 Sep 148m 38s
Where is your desperation leading you? Are you taking note of anything that God is actually teaching you? Is it leading you to focus on your “when” rather than focusing on God? It maybe a place of desperation but it is also a place where you can encounter the Supernatural powers of God.