• Anna Shipman
5 episodes
This podcast is for everyone who is looking to make the world - and themselves - better and brighter. Every week, I'll join you for conversations in positivity, mindfulness, wellness, and the little things in life that make us happy! Connect with me on Instagram @thebrighterpodcast and Twitter @PodcastBrighter!


Enjoy the Season
2020 Oct 2415m 58s
In this episode, I talk about why it's important to love the season you're in, and then list some of my favorite things about fall!
Bend or You'll Break
2020 Oct 1819m 47s
In this episode, I talk about how to be flexible when it comes to dealing with life changes and new situations!
Showing Up For Yourself: The Self-Care Episode
2020 Oct 1018m 27s
In this episode, I explore some of the ways you can learn how to take better care of yourself: physically, mentally, and spiritually!
How to Get Un-Stuck
2020 Oct 0314m 50s
In this episode, I'm talking about tips for getting out of a place you don't want to be.
Look Up
2020 Sep 2617m 1s
In the inaugural episode, we talk about ways to lift your eyes up to see the good around you.