Muslim Marriage Guide
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Helping the youth and parents to fix and host easy and simple Nikah. A podcast that discusses about problems and solutions to our ailing marriage fixtures. Hosted by Nisar Nadiadwala , author - I want to marry, but.. FROM WEDDING WOES TO WEDDING WOWS...


What is maturity?
2020 Jun 275m 30s
Many parents and children have not understood the correct concept and definition of maturity and they mix up maturity with top grades in school and colleges. Nisaar Nadiadwala explains in short what maturity means and how to gain it
Hurdles in Hosting Marriages
2020 Jun 2322m 41s
Over sized expenses, delay in earning are a few of the reasons that delays or slow downs the marriage process of the Desi community - Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani community.
The Issue of Simplicity
2020 Jun 2214m 3s
Girls and boys who are simple in dressing and other taste have difficulties in being selected by potential in laws. However, simplicity is beautiful and must be valued if backed up by being dutiful. It is a good character to be simple.
Introducing a Podcast on Muslim Marriage Guide
2020 Jun 199m 25s
Nisar Nadiadwala discusses about the upcoming episodes and the direction of the podcast. What to expect in upcoming episodes.