Let's Get Lit with Blaze Mancillas
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Whether you love or hate reading, this is the podcast for you! Each week comedian and actor Blaze Mancillas reads a chapter from the H.G. Wells 1898 Science-Fiction classic The War of the Worlds and comedians provide their jokes, commentary, questions and anything that pops into their head. Nothing is off the table! The novel is read in it's entirety so listeners are welcome to pick up a copy and join with us or just laugh along to the story while you continue to go about your human activities.

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Chapter 3. On Horsell Common with Shalewa Sharpe
2020 Oct 2133m 33s
Comedian and actor Shalewa Sharpe offers advice on getting into the club, starting a business and thinks people need to be more empathetic to the situation Mars is in.
Chapter 2. The Falling Star with Gabe Gonzalez
2020 Oct 1429m 56s
Comedian, writer and fan of sci-fi Gabe Gonzalez revisits a book he enjoyed reading as a young lad. Gave warns all listeners that if something falls from space, DON'T TOUCH IT. Blaze gets a little tongue-tied and flustered while Gabe recalls some steamy experiences that involve a beach and lots and lots of sand.
Chapter 1. The Eve of the War with Judah Friedlander
2020 Oct 0730m 4s
Series premiere with stand up comedian Judah Friedlander who "loves books but hates reading". The World Champ provides commentary and even music trivia in the first chapter of this science fiction classic. Did you know that Judah has an extra sense that activates even when he is sleeping? You deserve to laugh. Listen now!
Welcome to Let's Get Lit with Blaze Mancillas
2020 Sep 261m 6s
There's those books out there that we're all supposed to read, or we begrudgingly read in school just so we can appear smart at cocktail parties. Remember cocktail parties? On this show that's one part audio book and one part podcast, we revisit some of those classics to see what we love and what don't. Each episode features a chapter from The War of the Worlds and your new favorite comedian providing all the wonderfully welcome yet disruptive commentary throughout. The education is mild but the comedy is extra spicy on this show for those who love reading and those who find it an absolute bore.