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Music Interview Podcast Hosted by @Awesome_Nobody who interviews #AWESOME upcoming artists and talented men/woman all over the music world. If your a Hip hop historian and musical connoisseur you'll love this!!


The Awesome Nobody Podcast Ep 19- Ft Dallas Penn (@Dallas_Penn)
2020 Sep 011h 30m 44s
What else can I really say about this legendary guest that hasn't already been said? How bout I've wanted to talk to him for awhile and it's beyond AWESOME that we got elaborate on NYC Street science and outfit architecture! Every time I see an IG post or hear a podcast from Dallal I learn so much more about everything I didn't know or find out tons of things I didn't know but really wanted to know! I have a ton of respect for this guest, and throughly enjoyed watching his journey! He truly is the goat of goats! Him and Combat Jack really inspired me to take a leap into podcasting and I'm extremely proud of this episode.....without further a due please listen and enjoy!
The Awesome Nobody Podcast Ep 18- Ft Kevin Y Brown (@Kevinybrown)
2020 Sep 011h 7m 26s
For Ep 18 I was extremely inspired by the AWESOME verzuz series created by Swizz Beats & Timbaland that ft DMX vs. Snoop Dogg! For one, I was extremely happy to see some WEST COAST music make it to the platform and second, to see legendary DMX still showcasing his hits and talents. Of course the history between these 2 coasts have been long documented but I wanted to discuss the evolution of music from California not the beef! To have a discussion like this I couldn't think of anyone better besides a person actually from California and Kevin is the perfect guy! He's from Vallejo, CA, home of Mac Dre and neighbor to the Bay Area, he went to CAU with me, and music pumps through his veins. Listen in to hear this deep dive on west coast music, music history, California artists, and of course the DMX vs Snoop Dogg battle.
The Awesome Nobody Podcast Ep 17 - Ft Mickey Geez (@MickeyGeez)
2020 Sep 011h 49m 11s
On this episode of The AWESOME Nobody Podcast we have a truly AWESOME guest! Longtime friend of the show from the Bronx, alumni member of the Harlem Boys Choir, Audio Engineer for the Def Jam Rapstar Game, AWESOMELY talented Musician, with an even better EAR for music, the first person I ever knew with an MPC2000, loving Father and Husband. I asked Mike to be on the show to talk about his journey from the Bronx, to Harlem, to ATL and the tell the story behind his beats, rhymes, and life! I love to hear great stories like this and I know you will too! Listen on Spotify Anchor or Youtube. Just search the word "AWESOME Nobody" and be surprised in what comes up! Thank you Mike for telling your's an AWESOME Journey! Wealth and Health.
The Awesome Nobody Podcast Episode 3 - Ft. Bulletproof Belv
2020 Aug 2758m 39s
I grew up with Bulletproof Belv and wanted to reach out to him because he's been on a local legendary run in Central Jersey. He started making music just like everyone else but made strong connections with local DJ's (DJ Tarzan, DJ SDOT), video producers in North Jersey (Twizz), and eventually linking up the #AWESOME Fetty Wap.  Belv deserves all the accolades he's been getting by linking up with fellow Asbury Artist Matty Carlock for their local smash "Dark City Lights". Listen in and hear all the stories of how he got the name "BULLETPROOF" and here the stories about him and his 12 brothers.
Episode 17 - ft. Jackie (MIVIDA JDM)
2020 Apr 131h 12m 51s
On this episode, I finally got a chance to talk to a real hiphop-preneur!!! Jackie does everything from art shows, to event photography, to music management, to just being all around DOPE!!! We crossed paths a few years ago at A3C in ATL and since then I've been following her social media as she follows her passion and love for the music culture around the country doing tons of dope things!
Episode 16 - Part Duex w/ Dep BCS
2019 Oct 2156m 6s
On this episode I talk with an #AWESOME Artist/Producer @DepBCS from Toronto. Currently on a 10 city tour with Clay James and a few other artists and wanted to check in and talk anything and everything.
Episode 15 - The Might Casey Interview
2019 Oct 151h 12m 59s
On this episode I speak to BET Uncut Legend (@Caseygene). Listen to hear the stories of how he got the video on BET, his group Mankind and their Mankind Music Academy, his book on Amazon about the Iran-Contra Affair, and what he actually thinks happened to the boys on the track? Great episode, great discussion, I highly recommend it (but i'm bias this is my show)!!! Leave a voice message on Anchor or hit up @caseygene or @Mankindmusicacademy to talk about all we covered on this episode. He was an #AWESOME guest
Episode 14 - Ft. @SJMANAGER
2019 Oct 031h 9m 5s
On this episode of podcast I talk to @SJMANAGER who is what I call the Motivator of the motivators! She's been working hard on bringing producers to the for front and KEEPING producers in the conversation. She’s been a big figure for producers on twitter since 2009 giving ya'll opportunities and placed records for tory lanez, nipsey, wale, fab, meek, jeezy, TI, fox sports, french, 50, and MGK.
Episode 13 - ft. Producer Thriller4Real
2019 Oct 011h 32m 56s
On this weeks episode we feature my long time friend from college @Thriller4real !!! we go back since 02 and the 2nd day I met him he told me he made beats and handed me a CD! He's been in the game for 10+yrs producing for your favorite artists (OBD, Joe Budden, Peedi Crakk) and working behind the scenes with LennyS before ROCNATION!!!! I won't put the details on the description box but he went into details on the podcast.....let's just say he ghost produced one of your favorite songs and you'd be FOOOLISH to not find out which one!! Listen to find out which one and who the artist was!!! Allow me to introduce my guy - @Thriller4real
The Awesome Nobody Podcast Episode 1- ft. Kojo Hotflow
2019 Sep 161h 35m 58s
On this Episode of the Awesome Nobody Podcast taking an introspective look at the motivations and passions of Annapolis born artist Kojo Hotflow (@Kojo440) aka Mr. 100 shows a year.