• Jannah Awad & Leilani Wynn
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Join Jannah Awad and Leilani Wynn, just your local loner relatable teens as they talk about anything from tattletaling to self identity. New episodes every Monday at 5am.


9: Privilege pt. 2
2020 Oct 1956m 11s
TW: mentions of r*pe and s*xual assault. Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 or go to rainn.org This episode we wrap up what we talked about in the previous episode about privilege and talk about what we've been up to lately.
8: Privileges (w/Clarissa Roman)
2020 Oct 1255m 57s
This week, we had a chat about privilege with our guest and friend, Clarissa Roman!
7: Childhood Memories
2020 Sep 281h 1m 28s
This episode we talk about what we liked as kids!
6: Living Spaces
2020 Sep 2142m 23s
This episode we talk about where we would want to live in the future.
5: Social Media
2020 Sep 141h 11s
This episode we talk about social media and our future wishlist.
4: Language
2020 Sep 0742m 41s
In this episode we talk a little bit about language and and a lot about what's peachy!
3: Artsy??
2020 Aug 3149m 18s
On Today's episode we talk about art, school and our ambitions.
2020 Aug 2448m 33s
This episode we talk about our favorite shows, starting school online, and more!
1: First Impressions
2020 Aug 1737m 35s
We talk about first impressions we've had while making our first impressions on you.