Maya And Ella Save The World!
  • Maya And Ella
2 episodes
Maya Goldenfence and Ella Palonia talk about anything and everything. Join them for some good-humoured comedy and quality podcasting. For suggestions or ideas, email to We are currently in need of some inspiration - please do hit us up.


Episode 2 - It’s Raining Cats And Dogs!
2020 Oct 0741m 32s
Cats or dogs? Which fairytale is the best? Find out on this episode, hosted by Maya Goldenfence and Ella Palonia.
Your world’s about to be saved!
2020 Sep 0633m 10s
Meet Maya Goldenfence and Ella Palonia (totally their real names) as they discuss mythical creatures, Pluto, and paranormal activities. A brand-new podcast brought to you by total novices, though you won’t know it. For suggestions and ideas for the duo, email