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Anecdotes, stories and thoughts about how to live a liberated life - revolving around mindset, people and gossip.


4/365: Starting on eBay hustling and a motivational quote
2019 May 212m 47s
I’m starting up on eBay! I’m selling things around the house to get started on capital to do things. And a motivational quote as a reminder to get off my fat ass and hustle!
Are you still moaning about why you are not succeeding? You need to take action and sacrifice!
2019 May 153m 51s
It is frustrating that so many people think that they have to have that popcorn in the movies, or even be watching the movies! There is no “MUST” around that. If you want your dreams to come true, you need to put up a sacrifice for it! ARGH! This is a lonely path and it will NOT be handed to you on a silver platter! Change your mindset or you will end up exactly where you are right now!
3/365: Banish information paralysis!
2019 May 081m 39s
Personally, I try to read and gather too much information before starting a project. If this is me trying to conceive my baby, I’d be gathering information for the baby’s old age home. That’s how scary I was! And I realised this probably isn’t the best way to do things. Especially when things changes so fast in this social media age. Imagine. Just 15 years ago, we didn’t even have smart phones!
2/365: A Life Story
2019 May 064m 59s
A story of my aunt. She was a person who had watched me grow up and was full of hearty laughter and ear-to-ear smiles. It pains me to have her being stuck in a rut right now. I am talking about her today to reach out to other people in a similar situation. Please be strong and live passionately and fiercely.
1/365 - An awkward start describing my reasons for starting the Liberated Life Club.
2019 May 0511m 49s
This is my debut work. I am honestly too embarrassed to even listen to myself. It feels nerve wrecking to talk about my personal story about why I am starting the Liberated Life club, even though I doubt that anyone would be listening! Lol. To the masses, I am sorry, but not sorry, to unleash the awkward raw file upon you. May you have patience with me. 😊 Smile on people!