Table Talk with Steve Sumrall
  • Steve Sumrall
12 episodes
Table Talk with Steve Sumrall covers a wide variety of topics relevant to the Body of Christ. Pull up a chair, open your Bible, and enjoy the discussion.


Overcoming Fear-17
2020 Oct 188m 20s
What's your hope in? Are you hoping for a return to Normal? Join Pastor Steve in building your hope and your expectations on the unfailing Word of God.
Overcoming Fear-16
2020 Oct 118m 31s
In this episode, Pastor Steve mines wisdom from James chapter 3 to discover the source of evil that interferes with the production of "good fruit" in the church.
Overcoming Fear-15
2020 Oct 047m 55s
What controls your thoughts? If it's fear, confusion, or worry, then you're missing some key benefits of living in God's kingdom.
Overcoming Fear-14
2020 Sep 278m 20s
Pastor Steve continues with his discussion of 2 Timothy 1:7 and continues with Isaiah 41:10 to show how the Word of God is a powerful comfort even while we are engaged in the world around us.
Overcoming Fear-13
2020 Sep 208m 24s
Pastor Steve returns to 2 Timothy 1:7 as he digs deeper into God's provision for your life in the midst of any and every crisis you may face.
Overcoming Fear-12
2020 Sep 138m 12s
Looking at the example of Jesus, Pastor Steve applies the Word of God in practical ways to restore the Peace we all sometimes lack.
Overcoming Fear-11
2020 Sep 066m 48s
Pastor Steve remembers his Father's example and shares some of his key lessons regarding fear, along with insight from Psalm 31.
Overcoming Fear-10
2020 Aug 307m 59s
You are "more than a conqueror" according to Romans 8. But experiencing that kind of victory requires obedience to the Spirit and Word of God—including participation in the life of the Body of Christ.
Overcoming Fear-9
2020 Aug 237m 52s
In this continuing study of ways to overcome fear, Pastor Steve provides secrets for the attack.
Overcoming Fear–8
2020 Aug 168m 2s
Pastor Steve explores God's wisdom for responding to the pressures of the world and the fear that accompanies it.