• The Studio Widnes
24 episodes
Community Arts venue, removing barriers to opportunity. Run by LOOSE. Currently funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, Reaching Communities.


Waifs and Strays: The Ladder
2020 Aug 2213m 50s
Down at the Lacey Street Studio , Catherine the manager is preparing for a visit from the Mayor! Bob... I mean Robert is struggling to get up the Ladder, elsewhere Walter and Bombay are competing for Lady P's Attention via the only sport they both excel at!
The Perfume Lover by Stephen Dignall
2020 Aug 1019m 2s
A loner with an unusual penchant for perfume finds life slowly passing him by. Trapped in a dead end job with no prospects of promotion he can see no way out; that is until one fateful evening when a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself. There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune, but will it bring happiness?
The Routine by Richard Bradshaw
2020 Aug 1027m 10s
Who ever walked past a house with open curtains, or curtains not quite closed, without looking in? Nobody, that's who. The chug chug chug of the weekly machinery rolls around like someone else's laundry. Look away if you can, or follow the routine. Pay attention, just don't let them catch you.
The Mermaid in the River Alt by Paula Page
2020 Aug 1010m 51s
It’s just another day on the banks of the River Alt...Until a fisherman meets a mouthy mermaid.
Star Chamber by David Bell
2020 Aug 104m 44s
People think of paid assassins as bad people. Stone cold killers who accept money for murder. The scum of the earth. But what if some of them only go after those who have escaped justice? What if those assassins only took out the bad guys?  Meet Tom. Just your average working Joe. Except his working week is cleaning up after the justice system has failed. Think you've gotten away with something? Well worry about Tom.....
Warm To Touch by Richard Bradshaw
2020 Aug 108m 53s
Congratulations! It's another human being. Every single one of us is unique. It's one of the things that makes us all the same. From time to time we are reminded of one or the other of these facts.
Rocinante's Hooter by Richard Bradshaw
2020 Aug 1015m 18s
We change the names of days as they pass. Monday becomes Thursday, Sun or just Yester. The sun comes up. The sun goes down. What's next? Here we are, a simple life mutates, even if only for a fleeting, flighted sight or two of the moon.
The Hare With The Green Eyes by Paula Page
2020 Aug 1016m 25s
This is an ordinary woman. She's living an unremarkable life. Then she has a dream and everything changes...
Perfect by Richard Bradshaw
2020 Aug 1019m 28s
The first eyes you ever saw that made you want to sing. The first song you ever heard that made you want to listen. Or maybe it was the first time you ever tasted your mam's trifle on a sunny Sunday in Summer in some year without number. Any, all or none these may be the case for you, but you have yours and can have another. Feel free.
The Deadly Partner by David Ball
2020 Aug 1014m 55s
David Ball The Deadly Partner: You're fresh out of prison, disillusioned with life and staring disappointment in the face. But a guy offers you the job of a lifetime: Steal a million dollars from the Mob and disappear without trace.  But partners come in different guises.  Silent. Sleeping. Deadly.