• Evan Singleton
3 episodes
In this series, Evan Singleton outlines his start as a wrestler in the WWE and how a traumatic brain injury changed his life. Setting the course for his current goal of becoming The World's Strongest Man. Powered by INTERLINC Mortgage Services, LLC Produced by Cold Shower Media


Survive and Advance-Jim VanSteenhouse, CEO of INTERLINC Mortgage & Evan "T-Rex" Singleton
2020 Oct 2342m 13s
In Part 2, Evan and Jim sit down and discuss their shared approach to life. Jim and Evan have both survived incredible physical traumas. Despite the setbacks, they share how they have used their new perspectives to move forward in their endeavors. This episode is filled with wisdom and encouragement for those that are seeking to accomplish their dreams, while enjoying the journey along the way.
A Dream Lost and a Dream Reimagined-Part 1/4 w/Evan "TRex" Singleton
2020 Oct 0922m 34s
In this episode Evan "TRex" Singleton goes deep. He shares about his early experiences as a professional wrestler for the WWE and the trauma that led him to nearly taking his own life. His mentor, George, provides additional insight into Evan's evolution from a struggling young man to a laser focused Strongman competitor.
T-Rex Talk Trailer
2020 Sep 282m 35s
Check out the trailer for an upcoming 4 part series with Evan T-Rex Singleton. He will be taking listeners through his journey from a WWE wrestler, survivor of a traumatic brain injury, to now competing in the World's Strongest Man.