Whatever’s Left
  • Tiotricio
5 episodes
Two lames trying our best. Story tellers and ball busters. Welcome to the Whatever’s Left podcast. Stick around or don’t, it’s the end of the world


2020 Oct 1811m 47s
We interview our Uber driver and find out what brought him from west Africa to San Antonio our shortest but maybe best episode yet. Never be scared to make new friends
Why Debate? Ep. 4
2020 Oct 1141m 37s
Catching up on our week grabbing grub and talking about the things that scare us! It’s spooky month you peasants.
2020 Sep 2624m 14s
We’re going deep into how we feel about technology and it’s effects on everyday life. This our take on some modern issues so lower those expectations
Dating sucks
2020 Sep 1926m 55s
Just your least favorite duo back at it again to complain and argue about life. Are we getting funnier? Probably not.
Lily and Tricio
2020 Sep 1131m 29s
Technically our first try. First time we air ourselves out and share some childhood stories.