Everyday Hope with Dave Collins
  • Dave Collins
15 episodes
We will explore Scripture, questions about living in this crazy world, and issues that confront us in everyday life


Revelation 13 - The First 4 Trumpets
2020 Oct 2619m 59s
When the 7th Seal isĀ  opened, Heaven holds it's breath before the Angels sound the first 4 Trumpets
Revelation 12 - The Sealed Ones
2020 Oct 1719m 8s
Chapter 7 answers the question asked at the end of Chapter 6: who can stand on the Day of the Lord?
Revelation 11 - The Seals
2020 Oct 1320m 29s
In Chapter 6, the Lamb begins to open the Seals on the Scroll of Destiny
Revelation 10 - The Scroll of Destiny
2020 Oct 0422m 20s
Chapter 5 bridges the Heavenly worship in Chapte4, with the difficult imagery of the Seals in the next chapters.
Revelation 9 - Worship in Heaven
2020 Sep 2722m 38s
In this scene of worship around the throne of the Ancient of Days, we realize that Jesus is the ultimate prolepsis.
Revelation 8 - To the Church at Laodicea
2020 Sep 2020m 6s
When we're too cool, we tend to rely on ourselves. But Jesus is knocking at the door, and we need to let Him in.
Revelation 7 - To the Church at Philadelphia
2020 Sep 1423m 57s
Feel powerless in a world that wants to take away your faith? Jesus has a promise for you.
Revelation 6 - To the Church at Sardis
2020 Sep 0718m 46s
The Church at Sardis struggled with "a Dead Faith." But what does that mean?
Revelation 5 - To the Church at Thyatira
2020 Aug 3121m 21s
Just as Pergamum struggled with Religious Compromise, Thyatira struggled with Moral Compromise
Revelation 4 - To the Church at Pergamum
2020 Aug 2320m 44s
The message to Ephesus taught us not to emphasize Good Doctrine over Love. But the message to Pergamum warns us against the opposite mistake