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October 2020, Episode 2: Security and the pandemic pt4: Beyond Covid
2020 Oct 2030m
In this fourth, and final, part of our series on information security during the pandemic, we examine how the cybersecurity world might look, after Covid.We ask Mark Ward, Senior Research Analyst at the Information Security Forum, for his view of where we are now, where cybersecurity might be heading, and choices that asks of CISOs.
October 2020, Episode 1: Security and the pandemic: changing technology, changing behaviour, with Paolo Passeri
2020 Oct 0630m
In the third part of our series on information security during the pandemic, we look at how the changing threat landscape is not just a response to Covid.Rather, it is being driven by the longer-term trends in how businesses use technology.Our guest Paolo Passeri, cyber intelligence principal at Netskope, explains how cyber attacks on the workforce were on the rise even before the pandemic.
September 2020, Episode 2: Security and the pandemic, Part 2: Verizon's Phillip Larbey
2020 Sep 2330m
The global pandemic continues to disrupt business  -- and to create security threats.In the second of our series on the pandemic, we look at the research data, to see how bad actors are using Covid to their advantage, and ask what businesses can do to protect themselves and their data.Our guest this episode is Phillip Larbey, managing principal for cyber intelligence and incident response at Verizon.
September 2020, Episode One: Security and the Pandemic Part 1
2020 Sep 0830m
The last six months have brought unprecedented changes to the way we live, and work.Rapid changes to the way we work means some security compromises were inevitable.But is now the time for organisations to look at their technology, and security, and close down vulnerabilities? And are there lessons to be learned from lockdown?In the first of four special episodes, editor Stephen Pritchard talks to security strategist and former government adviser, Morgan Wright.
August 2020, Episode 2: Neurodiversity and the cyber skills gap
2020 Aug 2530m
The cybersecurity industry faces a growing skills gap, with as many as 3.5m unfilled positions. And the problem is set to grow.Could recruiting neurodiverse staff be part of the solution? Neurodiverse people, often have skills – including pattern matching and attention to detail – that lend themselves to cybersecurity roles.Security Insights spoke to Gemma Moore, co-founder of consultancy Cyberis, and board member at CREST, about how this can work.
August 2020, Episode 1: Fail to plan, plan to fail
2020 Aug 1225m
Security breaches are now all but inevitable. Yet three out of four organisations fail to plan properly for a cyber attack, according to Ponemon and IBM.The result is lost revenue, and lost confidence.But good planning is one of the most effective ways to weather a cyber incident, and come out the other side. Security Insights discusses security response planning with IBM's Wendi Whitmore.
July 2020, Episode 2: Burn out? IT security and mental health
2020 Jul 2429m 50s
Burn out and stress are by no means unique to the cybersecurity industry. But the pressures on professionals are growing, according to the Chartered Institute of Information Security. Its CEO, Amanda Finch, discusses how security teams can tackle mental health worries.
DDoS: the attacks keep coming
2020 Jul 0830m
Denial of Service – or DDoS – attacks are rising sharply.According to Netscout, attacks are up 62 per cent compared to this time last year, in the UK alone. Changes to the way we work are exposing more infrastructure to attack – and security teams should look again at their vulnerabilities.Netscout’s CTO for security, Darren Anstee, joins Security Insights presenter Stephen Pritchard, to discuss the data.
Unreported Cyber Crime
2020 Jun 1627m 29s
Almost two thirds of cyber crime goes unreported by enterprises, according to ISACA, even when failing to report breaks the law, or breaches industry regulations. And the problem is on the increase.What are the causes, and what does this mean for business? Security Insights speaks to Ed Moyle, lead author of ISACA's State of Cybersecurity Report, to find out more.Image: by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay.
Following the money: Verizon's 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report
2020 Jun 0226m
This year's Data Breach Investigations Report says that most cyber attacks are financially motivated. But the insider threat has not gone away, and the threat from ransomware is growing. Verizon Business' head of cybersecurity strategy, John Loveland, goes through the 2020 data with Security Insights' Stephen Pritchard.